Running Track

The rubberized artificial running track is one of the most widely used sporting equipment in the world. This surface offers a reliable traction irrespective of the weather conditions. Made from specialized rubber and resin binders, the running track is resistant to wear and tear. The running track maintains a good balance between the dynamic response required to keep the runners stable and quality cushioning effect for appropriate safety. The track is designed to minimize muscular-skeletal stress and fatigue, thereby reducing any injuries and accidents. The synthetic running tracks are widely used in various professional sporting events, practice tracks as well, school events, etc.s well, school events, etc.

Polytan (Spray Coating) Type: Spraycoated surface
Properties: Special competition version available, high wear resistance
Water permeable: Yes
Thickness: 10-20 mm
Colour: Red & Green
Application: School, amateur and professional level, running tracks and all weather pitches
Surface: Rough, granular sturctured surface, also for the use of spikes
Super Structure: 2 layers
1. Basic layer: rubber granulates
2. Top layer: spray coated
Category: Allround + competition, IAAF CLASS 1